Enkuro Software
Leading FERC eTariff and EQR Software

Enkuro is the Premier FERC Electronic Tariff (eTariff) and Electronic Quarterly Report (EQR) Management Software.

  • eTariff - Order 714 Compliant
  • EQR - Order 768 & 770 Compliant
  • Generate XML with Ease and Accuracy
  • User-friendly, Powerful and Feature-rich solution
  • ​One Click eTariff Submission to FERC Sandbox
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

Enkuro eTariff Software

Business Benefits

Technical Benefits

Unparrallel Support

  • ​​Order 714 Compliant
  • User Friendly
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Lower TCO
  • Electric, Oil & Gas Industry Support
  • Windows-based Solution
  • Optimized for Performance
  • Central Repository
  • Easy Backup & Recovery
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Activity Audit Info & Logs
Enkuro Software has always been known for its unmatched support and maintenance capabilities.
We understand your system from both a business and technical perspective.
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Enkuro EQR Software

Enkuro provides a user-friendly, powerful, feature-rich solution for electronic tariff management. Clients will leverage a intuitive user interface that enables ease of use, accurate, secure and robust platform to create, manage and submit electronic quarterly reports starting Q3 2013. 

Enkuro EQR Software - Key Features: 
  • Preloaded with Previous Quarters EQR Filing Data
  • User Level Application Appearance and Settings Personalization
  • Create New, Replace, Cancel Filing Types
  • View and Fix Validation Errors with Ease and Accuracy
  • Error Data Color Coded for Enhanced Visualization
  • Comprehensive Success and Error Messages
  • Manually Create Filings using Forms
  • View and Manage Validation Rules
  • Ability to Search and Highlight Values
  • Manage Small or Large EQR Filings
  • Multiple Environment Support - Development, QA, Production

  • Minimal Changes to Required to existing Internal Client Processes
  • Import CSV Files in Any Format with Enkuro Dynamic Data Mapping Option
  • Copy Entire or Subset of Previous Filings to New Filing
  • Comprehensive Error Validation at Multiple Steps
  • Perform Selective and Bulk Updates and Deletes
  • Multi-User Support Role Level Security
  • Import CSV Files Exported from existing FERC Application
  • Progress Visually Shown where Applicable for enhanced User Experience
  • List of Valid Values Suggested where Applicable
  • Comprehensive Help, Tutorials and Support
  • ​Manage Multiple Companies in a Single Installation

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Enkuro Licensing Options

​Enkuro Software is a licenses software. The following licensing options are available.
  • Standalone
  • Enterprise
  • Pay As You Go (for law firm's only)

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